Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

All systems and processes in Soft Services are designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through Innovative approaches and integration of  trained resources , state of art equipments , eco friendly cleaning products and proven processes. The results are a superior quality performance levels while adding  tangible business benefits and value to the ecosystem.

Our expertise and experience  in providing the best in class commercial cleaning services 24/7 -365 days extend to all facility types - IT parks ,  Campuses , Commercial Offices , Hospitals , Factories, Hotels, Banks & Financial Institutions, Academic and Research institutions, Sports Stadiums, Warehouses  or in  fast moving environments like Shopping Malls, Retail outlets, Multiplexes or  Airports. 

Service Standards :

  • Basic Standard  : Maintain at all times in good condition -  office areas, service areas, public areas , utility areas ,  fire exits, stairways, basements , lifts , car parking and external areas.
  • Prestige Standard : High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times including maintaining higher floor  gloss levels  – VIP board rooms , VIP Pantry , Reception areas , Lobbies and Top Management floors etc
  • Hygiene Standard : Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory –Hospitals, sterile areas ,  toilets , kitchens , cafeteria , pantry , vending areas  , first aid rooms .Waste bins ,  hidden surfaces , hinges, underside of workstations etc to be maintained   free of dirt, stains, waste matter, watermarks and scale using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials


Types of Cleaning :

  • Routine Cleaning: Cleaning tasks to ensure that offices, toilets, meeting areas, public areas & all other routine work areas, furniture & floor spaces are maintained to a high level of general cleanliness and remain presentable and fit for their intended purpose
  • Reactive Cleaning: Reactive service to maintain  full & safe use of facilities – response to spillages, replenishing consumables & monitoring the cleanliness of all sanitary facilities
  • Periodic Cleaning: Activity includes all deep cleaning and periodic cleaning activities of the communal & public areas and activities that require more frequent cleaning than routine cleaning including kitchens, vending points and cafeteria


Zoning  :

The Frequency of daily cleaning is  divided in 3 zones:

  • *Green Zone - Cleaning  -mechanically / manually  . Frequency – Once  a day
  • *Red Zone -  Cleaning - mechanically / manually  . Frequency – Once a day minimum followed by further cleaning  upon requests / instructions.
  • *Yellow Zone - Cleaning - once at commencement of shift & repeated till the end of the shift.  Busy areas  with continued upkeep

*Colour coded cleaning tools for different areas
*Colour coding of each type of waste with specific colour bins for easy identification by users.
*Go-green initiatives are a part our of mission with the usage of  eco -friendly cleaning chemicals