Food and Bevarage Vending

Food Services :

UDS provides  a wide selection of wholesome, nutritious and affordable fast foods, specialty  or business food menus. An appropriate  amalgamation of  International , Asian , Indian and local South Indian cuisines is offered to suit varied taste buds while ensuring a balanced meal  . Maintaining  an electronic feedback monitoring system for tracking food services and deliverables leads to continuous improvement  .

We also provide complete support systems for food court management that  include organizing , operating and out sourcing partners with a single point responsibility and accountability  .Multi-specialty  food courts with UDS functioning as a  food management solution provider offering a good quality dining experience’  with reputed food brands that are commercially viable under one umbrella is also an option offered to our clients


Vending Services :

With more than a decade  of serving satisfied customers throughout India ,  our  vending services are tailored to  suit your facility’s unique requirements and preferences. Machines are planned & stocked  based on consumption patterns with  the freshest of products, for your employees and customers, 

Our offerings include  a range of fresh milk, coffee, tea and other health drinks  that also  include typical South Indian filter coffee, bean to cup freshly brewed tea and other health drinks.