UDS Foundation

Our corporate social responsibilities are interwoven with our operational processes. This is fundamental to ensuring we impact positively on the communities where we work and develop both national and local sustainability agendas.This is done through our foundation established in 2018 which is a 100% owned subsidiary of UDS and was established with the vision is to contribute back to the industry by having trained candidates who can be readily employable. The UDS Foundation aims at providing education and training to develop employable resources and improving their livelihoods.

We actively recruit new members of the UDS team and supply chain as locally as possible to the contract. We believe this strengthens the local economy and reduces environmental impacts such as travel. Wherever possible we aim to boost social value by providing sustainable local jobs for local people and companies.

Learn & Earn

We are creating skills training and awareness programs to provide aspiring candidates a career in integrated facilities management (IFM) space with strong ground level training inputs in the various facets of the industry. We are in the process of setting up Model Training Centres - pan India that would manage the entire employability life cycle of mobilizing, training, assessing, certifying and placement. UDS happens to be the first of its kind in the FMS industry that bridged the gap that existed between a non-skilled blue collared worker and the industry.Curriculum is aligned to National Occupational Standards (NOS) and delivered through on-site and eLearning modules.

Holistic Mentoring Approach

Measurable Impact

Future Development Programs